What is the cost?

The hangar owners set the nightly rate. HangarByNight adds a $10 per night fee to that.

Do nightly prices change based on date?

That is up to the hangar owners.

As a Hangar Owner, how do I get paid?

HangarByNight will settle on a monthly basis no later than 60 days from the last day of the month services were rendered. For instance, March stays will be settled by May 31.

As a Hangar Owner, how do I manage availability?

With the HangarByNight online booking calendar.

As a Hangar Owner, how do I communicate with Pilots after they’ve booked the hangar?

Once the transaction has been executed, directions, rules, contact information, and the like will be exchanged.

Who parks the plane in the hangar?

The plane owner.

As a hangar owner, should I provide a tug?

No, it will be up to the plane owner to park their plane.

As a Pilot, what happens if weather affects my travel plans?

You have up to 24 hours prior to cancel your trip.

How many nights can I book in a row?

As many as there are available.

Can I cancel?

Yes, up to 24 hours prior to the booking. If your host hangar canceled your reservation, you can transfer your payment to a new reservation or request a refund.

Where do I sign up?